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Is Tunisia safe to travel in 2022?

Is it safe to travel to Tunisia? This is a question many people, and for good reason. Some years ago, Tunisia was one of the most visited countries in Africa. In fact, this used to be a mass tourism destination, mainly visited by Europeans seeking a budget holiday that included sandy beaches and a lot […]

Complete Guide To Backpacking In Arunachal Pradesh

Our travel guide to backpacking in Arunachal Pradesh, for those interested in exploring one of India’s most beautiful—and least visited—states. This  Arunachal Pradesh travel guide includes practical info and includes an itinerary for Arunachal Pradesh.   In the far northeastern corner of India lies Arunachal Pradesh, the Wild East of Indian tourism. Within its borders, snow-capped […]

How To Get From Islamabad To Naran By Public Transport | Lost With Purpose

A step-by-step guide to getting from Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad to Naran by public transport. Includes travel times, costs, and where to find transportation. Naran is a popular outdoors getaway for Pakistanis from all over the country. The town is easily accessible, has plenty of tourist infrastructure, and the scenery is beautiful. Worth a trip […]

Fear and loathing in Somaliland

I was pretty high on drugs, in Somaliland. Yes, literally, high on a local drug named khat, a plant with some amphetaminic effects, typically consumed in the Horn of Africa and Yemen, Somalia being the country with the biggest number of addicts per capita. Imagining the effects of a drug which you have never tasted […]

The Russia – Ukraine Border At Belgorod And Kharkiv

A complete guide to crossing the border between Russia and Ukraine at Belgorod and Kharkiv. Includes information on transport, cost, customs, and other useful tidbits to make this crossing as easy as possible.   Getting from Belgorod (Russia) to Kharkiv (Ukraine) or the other way around is straightforward provided you already have your visas in […]

How to find the right backpacking travel insurance

  Looking for and getting the right travel insurance is one of the biggest headaches for any traveler but as essential for your adventure as your backpack. From backpacking in Sudan, Iraq and pretty much everywhere in the Middle East to trekking over 5,000m in the mountains of Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and also traveling […]

Guwahati To Shillong And Cherrapunjee

A quick guide on how to get from Guwahati to Shillong and Cherrapunjee. This guide focusses on getting from Guwahati to Shillong and Cherrapunjee by public transport or by car. If you are driving your own car, scroll down for a route map.    Here’s a quick guide on how to get from Guwahati to […]

What to do in Georgia in a 7-day itinerary

A beautifully vibrant capital, snow-capped mountains, a jaw-dropping glacier, an off the beaten track valley, and Stalin’s hometown; this 1-week itinerary for Georgia will take you through some of the country’s most interesting and easy to get to attractions. If we agree to consider it part of Europe, Georgia is definitely my favorite country in […]

An Offbeat Weekend In Lubec, Maine

An itinerary for a charming weekend in Lubec, Maine. Lubec is a gorgeous and off the beaten track spot in Maine, and the easternmost town in the contiguous United States. Includes recommendations for accommodation in Lubec, things to do in Lubec, and a useful map of Lubec at the end of the post. Pin it! […]

Tips & packing list for trekking in Georgia

Georgia is the ultimate trekking destination in Europe and this guide contains a detailed packing list for trekking in Georgia, as well as an overview of the best mountain regions, plus some personal tips. If you like nature and trekking, Georgia is one of the best places you can travel to: It is very close […]