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Everything There Is To Know About Travel To Pakistan

Updated in 2020: After months of traveling in Pakistan, running tours there, and co-founding a sustainable tourism organization there, it’s safe to say I know a lot about travel in Pakistan. Here’s my complete Pakistan travel guide with information on visas, transportation, costs, and everything else you need to know about travel in Pakistan.   […]

Epic Two-week Itinerary For Uzbekistan And Tajikistan | Lost With Purpose

The ideal overland two-week itinerary for Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, including best places to visit, where to stay, travel times, and all the other delectables you need to sort out an epic Central Asian adventure. Pin it! If you had to choose between dizzyingly tiled Timurid architecture and dazzlingly turquoise alpine lakes, which would you choose? […]

3-day Itinerary And Guide To The Sham Valley Trek In Ladakh, India

A quick itinerary and guide to the Sham Valley trek in Ladakh, India. It’s the perfect short trek in Ladakh, and also known as the “Baby Trek”. This guide includes tips on what to pack, where to stay, and how to get there. August 2019 update: In August 2019 the Indian government changed the constituional […]

A Three Day Kyiv Itinerary

A post from Sebastiaan about his favorite city: Kyiv. This three-day Kyiv itinerary leads you through highlights of Kyiv AND off the beaten track places. A great introduction to capital, and the perfect Kyiv itinerary. As of 24/02/2022 Russia has invaded Ukraine. Ukraine’s airspace is closed and there is open armed conflict. We don’t recommend […]

The Best Hostels In Kyiv, Ukraine For Travelers

A post from Sebastiaan: a guide to finding the best hostels in Kyiv, Ukraine, with all different types of hostels. Includes a map at the end of the post. Pin it! Finding a hostel in Kyiv can be hard. It’s not that there aren’t hostels… there are plenty! However, many hostels in Kyiv—and in Ukraine […]

Guide To Visiting The Kalash Valley In Pakistan

A complete guide to visiting the Kalash Valley. Includes information on where to stay in the different Kalash Valleys, information about Kalasha culture, and how to get to the Kalash Valleys. Updated in November 2019 to reflect the new pricing and security situation.   Deep in the mountains along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, the remote Kalash […]

How To Get A Russian Tourist Visa In Tbilisi, Georgia

A complete guide from Sebastiaan on how to apply for a Russian tourist visa in Tbilisi, Georgia. Includes information on necessary documents, where to get the Russian visa, and how much Russian visas cost.   Getting a Russian visa while on the road can be tricky. Usually you can only apply for a Russian visa […]

The Best VPN For Travel And Why Should You Use One

 Below you can find my complete guide to using a VPN while traveling. It includes information on what a VPN is, why you should always use one when traveling, which is the best VPN for travel, and any other information you might need.  If you travel, you’ve probably heard the term VPN (Virtual Private Network). […]

Guide To Crossing The Georgia – Russia Border

From Sebastiaan: A guide to crossing the land border between Georgia and Russia via the Georgian Military Highway.   Hanging out in Georgia (Kazbegi) or southern Russia (Vladikavkaz) and interested in crossing the Georgia – Russia border by land? I got you! Here’s a guide to crossing the border between Georgia and Russia on foot. […]

Ukraine Travel Guide: Everything You Need To Know

From Sebastiaan about one of his favorite countries: Ukraine! A complete Ukraine travel guide, including tips and tricks on travel in Ukraine. This guide to travel in Ukraine was compiled after six months of traveling and living in Ukraine divided over three visits in 2018, 2019, and 2020. As of 24/02/2022 Russia has invaded Ukraine. […]