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Things to do in Iraq in a 10-day itinerary

Despite being the cradle of civilization, home to ancient, historical places like Ur and Babylon, Iraq has always been the Middle East’s most well-kept secret. Back during Saddam’s time, unless you were a soldier or on a diplomatic mission, chances that you went to Iraq were pretty scarce. Then, came the American invasion, unleashing a […]

How to Travel to Libya in 2022

This is the most complete and up-to-date Libya travel guide available on the internet. Libya is a surprising country indeed. Home to Leptis Magna and Sabratha, Libya has outstanding, world-class Roman ruins, sitting on the Libyan coast. From 1911 to 1951, the country was an Italian colony, the heritage of which is still very visible, […]

The Best Hotels in Tehran (per area) in 2022

Out of reach to many tourists for years, Iran’s capital of Tehran has earned its spot as a must-visit destination. The city is the country’s modern center and here you’ll see Iran’s more liberal future mingled with its traditional past. There are museums to visit, bazaars to shop in, gardens to stroll through, teahouses to […]

A guide to solo female travel in Iraq

As an American millennial woman, my visions of Federal Iraq were filled with destruction and barren wasteland deserts. The violent scenes that filled the TV screens for much of my childhood. Aside from the snow-capped mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, a nearly separate nation in the country’s far north, I figured I probably would not get […]

A guide to Loikaw, Kayah State (Myanmar)

We were driving at no more than 25km/h, which was not surprising at all, given the fact that the road was extremely bumpy and hilly and we were traveling in an incredibly small van with more than twenty people squeezed onto narrow seats.  By my perception, there was no more space but still, in every […]

Markha Valley trek: How to do it independently

Yaks grazing on green plains at an altitude of 5,000m, white snow-covered peaks higher than 6,000m, extensive valleys surrounded by huge, rocky mountains and a strong Tibetan culture with deep roots: the Markha Valley trek is the perfect hike for those seeking both stunning Himalayan landscapes and experience real Tibetan culture. Markha Valley is one […]

Visiting a Syrian refugee camp in Iraq

One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever done while traveling was visiting a Syrian refugee camp in Iraq and being able to help improve (even if it was just by a small amount) the situation of those suffering one of the worst humanitarian crises in our history. For more about Kurdistan, read my Tips for […]

Exploring the long neck tribe villages in Myanmar

Myanmar is the country with the largest number of different ethnicities in the world. A total of 135. That is a lot for only one single country, right? Yet, I could mention some of its major groups and you would have no clue what am I am talking about: Bamar, Shan, Rakhine, Mon… The list is endless. […]

A glimpse on the culture of Ladakh

With 21 official languages and countless dialects, in India, one day you can relax at the tropical beaches of Kerala while eating a coconut curry. You can then drive up to Goa and enjoy some chorizo in a Portuguese restaurant and, later, fly to the Andaman Islands to see some real indigenous tribes. Finally, when […]

Khardung La: Driving over the highest road in the world

Whenever you are traveling, who doesn’t like to visit a World Record place? No matter whether you are climbing the tallest building on Earth, sailing along the longest river, or grabbing a couple of beers with the man who’s eaten more hot dogs in less time, in that precise moment you will tell yourself: ”WOW, I am […]