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How to visit Kiev in 4 days

The concept and perceptions of Kiev are a bit strange. People who haven’t visited Kiev perceive it as a distant Eastern European city with close ties to Russia, a lot of apparent corruption and frequent protests going on. The thing is that – as Bradt travel writer Michael Palin once said – few stories in English […]

Things to do in Minsk in 3 days (includes offbeat stuff)

Minsk is the capital of Belarus, a country which, despite its large size and belonging to Europe, we tend to forget about. I often wondered why travelers weren’t interested in visiting Minsk, and all I could think of was that most people see the country as a mere uninteresting extension of its sister Russia. The […]

Guide To The Iran-Pakistan Border Crossing

A report of our overland border crossing from Iran to Pakistan at the Mirjaveh – Taftan border crossing in May 2016. This guide is regularly updated with information provided by our contacts in the region. Includes crossing details, things to keep in mind, and transport times.   Lost with Purpose is blocked in Iran. To […]

My visit to Aleppo during the post-war

You can’t go, you will get arrested, you will get in trouble because this is Syria, there is a war on, and I don’t recommend you take your chances. This is what the owner of a travel agency was repeatedly telling me, in an attempt to try to convince me to book one of their […]

The Best VPN For Iran And How To Use It

A guide on how to use a VPN in Iran, and which VPN to use in Iran. Included info on how to set up your VPN for Iran. A must for any digital junkie planning on traveling to Iran!   Yay transparency: this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you purchase one of […]

Useful tips and how to travel to Ukraine (2022)

Bordering Russia to the east and the EU to the west, Ukraine is a massive piece of land barely discovered by the average traveler. Intrepid adventurers will travel to Ukraine for visiting Kiev, and then pay a short visit to other big cities such as Lviv or Odesa, but the rest of the country remains […]

Everything You Need To Know About Taxis In Iran

Taxis in Iran can be extremely confusing. Any car can be a taxi, none of them have meters, and all drivers will try to rip you off. Here’s everything you need to know about the taxi system in Iran, to keep you from being ripped off… too often. The ridehailing app Snapp has recently been introduced […]

How to travel to the Gaza Strip in Palestine (2022)

This is a guest post written by fellow traveler @log_nick Millions of people travel to Israel every year; some of them go farther into the West Bank, but there’s a place over there which almost nobody has visited before – the Gaza Strip. Very few have ever managed to enter it due to existing travel […]

30+ Unique Things To Do In Lahore, Pakistan

Forget cookie-cutter lists with malls and top sights: here’s a unique list of things to do in Lahore, Pakistan that will actually interest travelers. Includes off the beaten track sights and a map to help you find your way.   At this point, I’ve spent months in Lahore. By far my favorite city in Pakistan […]

How to find the best VPN for Saudi Arabia in 2022

Skip all content and get ExpressVPN, the one I currently use and the best one for Saudi.CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ExpressVPN With the liberalization of the visa regime in 2019, more and more people are traveling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to discover the wonders of what used to be one […]