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Month: June 2022

Skiing In Erciyes, Turkey: Here’s What You Need To Know | Lost With Purpose

Skiing down a volcano might seem like the plot of an action film rather than reality… but at Erciyes ski resort in central Turkey, it’s 100% possible. Mount Erciyes (pronounced “er-chee-es”) is a snowy stratovolcano looming over the town of Kayseri and home to Turkey’s biggest ski resort. Skiing in Turkey isn’t as established as, […]

How to Travel to Libya in 2022

This is the most complete and up-to-date Libya travel guide available on the internet. Libya is a surprising country indeed. Home to Leptis Magna and Sabratha, Libya has outstanding, world-class Roman ruins, sitting on the Libyan coast. From 1911 to 1951, the country was an Italian colony, the heritage of which is still very visible, […]

The Best Hotels in Tehran (per area) in 2022

Out of reach to many tourists for years, Iran’s capital of Tehran has earned its spot as a must-visit destination. The city is the country’s modern center and here you’ll see Iran’s more liberal future mingled with its traditional past. There are museums to visit, bazaars to shop in, gardens to stroll through, teahouses to […]

A guide to solo female travel in Iraq

As an American millennial woman, my visions of Federal Iraq were filled with destruction and barren wasteland deserts. The violent scenes that filled the TV screens for much of my childhood. Aside from the snow-capped mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, a nearly separate nation in the country’s far north, I figured I probably would not get […]

A Very Messy Love Story

The oh-so-NOT-romantic and very messy love story about how we met.   Ah, the first kiss: the peak of the whirling, tempestuous storm of sexual tensions and emotions that comes with attraction, lust, love. A moment glorified in film throughout the ages, fantasized about by young, pimply teens, and scoffed at by purists the world over. Our first […]