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Month: May 2022

So You Want To Do Drugs In The Netherlands?

A quick guide to everything you need to know about doing drugs in the Netherlands safely and responsibly. Covers the most common drugs: weed, ecstasy, and truffles (mushrooms). Going to the Netherlands to smoke some weed, but not quite sure how to go about it? Check out this coffeeshop themed walking tour in Amsterdam. Alex […]

Getting A Pakistan Visa In The Hague, The Netherlands

A quick guide on getting a Pakistan visa in The Hague, the Netherlands. Includes a document checklist, information on how to get to the embassy, and other useful information about applying for a Pakistan visa in The Hague. February 2021 update: Pakistan is no longer issues visas at embassies and consulates. You have to apply […]

Batumi In March: Old And Confused | Lost With Purpose

Batumi is a popular beach town on the Black Sea coast in Georgia. It’s a hopping place in summer, but we visited in winter. What was it like to visit Batumi in March?   After spending a few days in beautiful Tbilisi, we decided to go to the beach town of Batumi, close to the Turkish […]

Spirit Dogs And Snowy Slogs: Hiking In Mestia | Lost With Purpose

A photo essay about how we got guided by dogs while hiking in Mestia, in northern Georgia. Includes practical information on hiking in Mestia and where to stay in Mestia.   Mestia is a tiny town nestled in the mountains of Svaneti, a region in northern Georgia. The location is epic, and the buildings in […]

How To Make Extra Cash And Save Money For Travel

In the months leading up to our departure, Sebastiaan and I managed to save a lot of our money for travel. But we didn’t just stop there–the more, the merrier, right? (In our case, anyway.) In addition to the steps we took to save money, we also did small jobs to make more money for travel, […]

Guide To Backpacking In Kazbegi

Some frosty adventures—and sloppy disasters—while backpacking in Kazbegi, Georgia. Includes information on what to do and where to stay in Kazbegi.    Kazbegi is a town in the northeast of Georgia, about three hours’ driving from Tbilisi. The town’s actual name is Stepantsminda, as it was before those meddling Soviets rolled in, dominated, and renamed it Kazbegi. […]

How To Get From Tbilisi To Telavi In Georgia

A quick guide on getting from Tbilisi to Telavi, one of the main cities in Georgia’s premier winemaking region, Kakheti. Includes info on finding the right bus station, where to stay in Telavi, and what to do in Telavi. How to get to Ortachala bus station in Tbilisi Unlike Didube, the Ortachala bus station doesn’t […]

Georgia: Old Traditions And Juxtapositions | Lost With Purpose

Georgia is the first country Lost with Purpose traveled to on this ongoing jaunt. Here’s a quick look back at our experiences in this underrated country.   Georgia is a country of traditions and juxtapositions. A country where beautiful historic churches stand next to kitschy modern architecture. Where most people are strikingly poor, yet some drive […]

Why Should You Travel To Georgia?

Georgia is a small country on the furthest outskirts of Europe. An ex-Soviet state, it’s quite poor and doesn’t see many tourists. So why travel to Georgia? Because it’s freaking amazing, that’s why.   The last few weeks in Georgia have been a whirlwind of snowy mountains, cheesy bread, and dangerously hospitable people. We’re already looking forward to […]

Akhaltsikhe To Gyumri: Ninotsminda – Bavra Border Crossing | Lost With Purpose

A report on crossing overland between Georgia and Armenia, from Akhaltsikhe to Gyumri. Includes travel times, marshrutka information, and things to know for the crossing.    Though it’s not the most popular route, traveling between Akhaltsikhe, Georgia, and Gyumri, Armenia by marshrutka (minibus) is a piece of cake. The trip from Akhaltsikhe to Gyumri only takes […]